The Wisdom of Communities Series

Author: Various Contributors
Description: Dive into the collective wisdom gathered from four decades of Communities magazine in "The Wisdom of Communities" series. This comprehensive four-volume set offers over 300 pages of insights, stories, and invaluable lessons from those who have walked the path of intentional community living. Whether you're at the outset of your journey or seeking wisdom for the road ahead, this series equips you with a rich toolkit for navigating the complexities of communal living.

Volume 1: Starting a Community

Unpack the essentials of creating and exploring intentional communities with a blend of practical advice and firsthand stories. Aimed at increasing the survival rate of new communities, Volume 1 is an indispensable guide for founders and cooperative pioneers, offering strategies to move beyond initial stages successfully.

Volume 2: Finding a Community

Addressing the challenges of seeking and joining intentional communities, Volume 2 provides a roadmap filled with experiences, tools, and guidance. It's designed to aid seekers in their quest, enhancing the chances of finding a community that aligns with their values and aspirations.

Volume 3: Communication in Community

Explore the human dimension of cooperative culture, focusing on decision-making, governance, and interpersonal relations. Volume 3 delves into the crucial aspects of communication, power dynamics, and building healthy connections, essential for the longevity and harmony of any community.

Volume 4: Sustainability in Community

Concentrating on eco-resilience, Volume 4 covers topics from permaculture to ecovillage design, offering strategies for communities to thrive sustainably. It provides a vision for regenerative living, emphasizing the importance of adapting to our changing planet while nurturing cooperative culture.

Each volume, rich with over 100 curated articles, presents a unique set of tools, imagery, and context, making "The Wisdom of Communities" an essential collection for anyone passionate about intentional living, communal resilience, and the pursuit of a more connected and sustainable life.