Journey: Coming Soon!

The Quintessential Roadmap for Nomadic Awakenings

Finally, an immersive expedition articulating what it means to live a truly self-woven existence—fueled by curiosity, crafted through experiences, and rooted in authentic inner discovery.

Welcome to Journey, an evocative manifesto and modern sacred tome transcribing the unbounded possibilities awaiting those daring enough to etch their own trails through life.

Written and lived by Indy and Kitty, the nomadic duo radiantly chronicling their continual evolution to embody 100% nomadic consciousness, this is the revelatory GPS missing from mainstream map makers.

Because nomadism isn't just a travel fad or alternative lifestyle. Oh no, it's the sweeping paradigm shift that will shake humanity from its soul sleep and reinstall the intrinsically adventurous code.

Join the Movement and Witness:

  • What it means to live radically free from externally prescribed geofences and containment grids suppressing our inherent lust for boundlessness
  • How to shed invisible shackles calcifying so many on routines deferred dreams and conventional norms
  • Attuning to your own perpetual rhythm as an unstoppable "coursing coursing" unafraid of directional resets, reinventions, and wandering in wonder
  • Honoring the unharnessed spirit within yourself - that nomadic fire divinely lit to manifest your soul purpose with every wayward step
  • Initiating a detox from illusions of permanence to embrace embrace the poetry and power flowing through existence's transient nature
  • Methods and insights for establishing nomadic sanctuaries deeper and more abiding than rooted physical dwellings
  • Heroically unhooking from outdated cultural operating systems and instead activating as a vanguard cartographer and way-charting visionary
  • And ultimately, divinely merging with the euphoric state of "always-walking" - that daring purposeful roaming rewriting new narratives of meaning

This isn't just another book on working remotely or travel hacking. Consider Journey the seminal heart-text download resurrecting our species' nomadic core code and helping you embody the eternal wonderer within.

For as Indy and Kitty share through revelations etched across landscapes and cities, our universe is a profoundly collaborative dream. Nomadism simply attunes us to play our co-creator roles more vividly.

So will you continue sleepwalking through an imprint-tracking lifetime?

Or vow to wander wholeheartedly with them - tracking a metaphorical trail of footsteps igniting your path to inevitable metamorphosis?

The choice is yours, but we'd be honored to serve as mystical guides stirring your nomadic remembering.

Begin your soul's wayward awakening today!

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